Womb Healing

With Naia Leigh
In ancient times, women’s spiritual practices were widely accepted and the womb was considered a sacred source of love, intuition, spiritual wisdom, pleasure, and vitality. It was widely revered and worshiped as the source of life.

All women today, can still tap into the powerful gifts of their womb, whether or not they have had children, whether they are fertile or post menopausal, and even if they have had their wombs removed.

However, many women are disconnected from their wombs, know little about them, and hold various pain and trauma that negatively impacts their lives without knowing the origin. These blocks in the womb can create physical dis-ease, unhealthy relationship patterns, creative blocks, or other issues that prevent women from experiencing what they want in life.

In our modern cultures, we are socialized to live life from the mind rather than our body wisdom. Our menstrual cycles are seen as burdens, and our wombs are seen as disposable, with hysterectomies and c-sections given out like candy.  Wombs are an ignored and even endangered, as C-sections are the #1 most common surgery in the US, and hysterectomies are #2. Women’s bodies all over the world have been violated and objectified, leaving women with a limited and distorted perspective of their own body and it’s inherent capabilities.

Being disconnected from the womb means we are operating from a portion of our power, creating a portion of what we are capable of, and experiencing partial fulfillment. When we release these blocks, we make room to utilize the rich beauty, guidance, and pleasure our womb has to offer.

Women are amazed when they finally come home to the voice of their womb, and begin to act on its guidance. They find a deeper knowing, a more primal, creative, and wise voice within. They transform out of being uninspired and disconnected, to being turned on about life, feeling more confident, passionate, spiritual, and feminine.

Our wombs hold our greatest power as women, and yet can also carry our greatest wounding.

Things held in the womb are...




Sexual Trauma


Other people's energies, especially past lovers.


Energetic chords creating relationship dependency.


Emotions such as grief, shame, fear, and anger, and more.


Protective armor that prevents love, connection and pleasure.

Like the heart, this tiny organ (about 3-4 inches by 2.5 inches) is not just an organ. Wombs hold great wisdom, spiritual and creative power, and are a bridge between the worlds: from spirit to matter. Our womb is are our power-center as women, and is the seat of our intuition. Every human is here because of the a womb and it’s ability to create life!

Womb healing and awakening is a way to access our deeper pleasure as a woman, as the orgasmic pulse flows through the womb. It is a way to access more of our creativity, as wombs don’t just create babies, but they also our host our creative ideas. Our wombs are connected to the cycles of the Earth and moon. If all women were tapping into the wisdom of their wombs, the world would look like a very different place, as we would all be serving the greater planetary pulse.

Some women may be skeptical they have things to heal or release in their wombs, and yet everyone still experiences the effects of whatever they hold in that space.

Painting by Emma Plunkett

Womb healing can help...

  • Painful cramps, fibroids, cysts, cancer
  • Infertility
  • Past birth trauma, misarriage, or abortion, or sexual violation
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Feeling disconnected or depressed
  • Creative blocks or blocked purpose or manifestations
  • That feeling that “something’s missing”
  • Low libido, numbing out or dissociating during sex
  • Feeling disconnected from feminine, operating from imbalanced masculine energy
  • Disconnected from deeper feelings or intuition
  • Stress, overworking
  • Inability to relax or orgasm during sex
  • Repeating toxic ancestral patterns
  • Unhealthy boundaries
  • Lack of clarity or direction
It takes courage to face our blocks,  yet our greatest power lies in their transformation.

Confidence... Passion... Pleasure... Empowerment...

What you can gain from womb healing...

  • Increased confidence
  • Fertility, a clear womb space for healthy conception
  • More enjoyable menstrual cycle
  • Increased intuition clarity wisdom
  • Feel more empowered
  • Passion in life, work, and relationships
  • More connected and clear about your purpose
  • Increased sensuality, more available for pleasure and joy
  • Reclaimed sexuality
  • Increased creativity
  • Deeper connection to own feminine, Source, and other women
  • Deeper connection with spirituality
  • Heart opening, more available for love
  • Ease in setting healthy boundaries
  • Ability to receive more
  • More easily manifest your desires
  • Deeper connection and communication with the earth
  • Not pass on unhealthy patterns to your children
  • Assist in collective healing of the feminine

How do I heal my womb?

Womb healing is one of the least known, and most powerful techniques to transform a woman’s life.

There are many ways to access the gifts of the womb. Seeing a womb-guide or womb-healer helps to identify and release any blocks, while adopting a personal practice that can deepen your connection.

Womb healing sessions are a way to release any held pain, trauma, or old patterns, so you can access more of your creative power, feminine intuition, sexual pleasure, and confidence. It is way to heal the core root of womb-related illness, creative blocks, sexual wounding, fertility issues, unhealthy relationship dynamics, shame, and more.

In our session together, we will uncover exactly what is held in your womb, and release any blocks that don’t serve you. You will be held in a space of complete unconditional love, and acceptance.


“I feel more like a woman than I ever have before.” ~Lisa B.


“I can actually feel my womb for the first time!” ~Shana C.


“I finally know why I wasn’t able to get pregnant, and I felt a huge shift when we cleared the block” ~Rachel M. 

“After our sessions I felt more of my feminine sexual energy than ever before, and was able to have the best sex with my husband we’ve ever had.” ~Luna D. 


“I dont feel ashamed of my period anymore, I feel much more confident and have more pride in being a woman.” ~Cheryl P.

I look forward to supporting your joyful embodiment...


  • 2 Additional Private Boundless Sessions
  • Voxer Access ( Excludes Weekends)
Naia Leigh

Naia Leigh

Shamanic Coach For Purpose-Driven Women

Naia thrives on life’s beauty, creativity and supporting others in their passions and purpose. She is an international  women’s empowerment coach, writer and artist, and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. She is the founder of Boundless®, a modality that clears the root causes of blockages, and she leads international retreats and Boundless trainings.  Her mission is to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are, and support a new feminine leadership in the world.