Soulful, Sensual…

9 Month Rebirth

The days of silence and self-sacrifice are over, as women are reclaiming a new and yet ancient connection with their feminine power.

Who is the Reclaimed Woman?

She lives from her heart and knows she here to create positive change in the world.

She has broken the patriarchal spell and now embraces her connection to the Goddess and her own feminine Nature.

She values her self care, sensuality, intuition, and creativity.

She knows that what she has to share is important, harnesses her creative abilities, and unapologetically shares her gifts with those around her.

She takes up her space, lives by her own rules, and prioritizes her mission.

She is a force for love, empowerment and greater awakening in the world.

She fully embraces her birthright to receive love, pleasure and abundance into her life.

What is a Soulful Sensual Rebirth?

It is that moment you’ve been waiting for whether you knew it or not.

It’s that “something” you felt was missing but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

It is a guided pathway to heal, to shed limitations, and to reclaim the best parts of yourself.

It is a catalyst for coming home.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It’s for women bursting with readiness to claim more for their life, and for our world.

It is for women ready to roll up their sleeves and do the inner work to become their most vibrant and fulfilled version of themselves.

This is for a woman ready to take a


in order to fly.

This is for you if you…

  • You are tired of playing small or hiding your power.
  • You feel alone, unsupported, or burnt out.
  • Feel empty or have low self-esteem.
  • You experience self doubt or question your intuition.
  • Giving to everyone else more than yourself, or struggle with healthy boundaries.
  • Have been overworking or working a job you dislike.
  • would like to find or deepen your purpose.
  • Repeat toxic relationship patterns or have an unfulfilling sex life.
  • Grew-up religious or in a conservative family.

Connect more to your feminine side, self love, and connect with other women?

Heal your past, so you can finally create your brightest future?

Have more passion, creativity and sensuality in your life?

Know what it feels like to have a greater sense of pride, pleasure and satisfaction in being a woman?

9-Month Soulful Sensual Rebirth


9 months of personalized one-on-one Boundless Sessions with Naia

A supportive and interactive group of like-hearted women

Weekly content and practices to ignite your deeper feminine embodiment

Apply here to schedule a time for us to connect and see if it’s meant to be.


Massive and lasting changes that I never thought possible…

I love this description of your work, Naia. That is exactly how I felt when I decided to work with you – excited yet sceptical, feeling done with how hard I had worked for so many years and that I still felt like I had so much weighing me down on the day to day – it felt endless.

In just three months of working with you, massive and lasting changes that I never thought possible in myself have happened. Some things I have struggled with for life have been cleared in a single session – and the work continues to deepen.

You and your work are magical and life-changing and I want everyone to know about you. I highly, highly recommend working with Naia for anything and everything.

– Lori

I am now in a Divine Beloved Union with my king…

Aho sister! I am living testimony to this and appreciate having had your support along the way to clear the beliefs and patterns that were keeping me stuck in an anxious avoidant trap and toxic relationship.

I am now in a Divine Beloved Union with my king and creating amazing things in the world. I feel like there are no limits. The work I did with you and the “Boundless” technology was a huge part of this shift. I can not thank you enough!

– Sarah Eden

I feel embodied and connected to my mind, body and soul…

I began working with Naia after I was experiencing a crisis, a soul crisis. We have been working together now for 8 months, clearing and repatterning programmes that I inherited through family belief systems.

My childhood was traumatic and this left me with feeling anxious, unsafe, poor boundaries and unable to cope in my life. Working with Naia has helped me strengthen so much. I feel so much more in control of my life, more connected to my own soul and my essence.

She is very encouraging, gentle, understanding and compassionate and through her work of helping me repattern my belief systems, I feel so well, energised and full of myself. I feel embodied and connected to my mind, body and soul. I’m able to thrive in my life and feel well.

I’m so grateful to work with Naia.

– Sarah

Every movement has been potently life-changing…

I’m a changed woman after just a short time working with Naia. The ancestral and other binding energetic patterns Naia identified and cleared from my field and body brought a deeper, more purified connection to my soul and feminine Presence. My ability to see with clarity, to stand full in the power of who I am as Woman has expanded, strengthened. Ways I engage have shifted even more potently into dialogue with my soul rather than old programs and wounding circulating through my subconscious and impacting my wisdom and vision.

After spending most of my life mothering others, it feels incredible to stand in Jacqueline. Naia held space and offered her beautifully strong and gentle grace as witness to my unfolding. Her gift is to honor a woman where she is, calling forth her innermost essence. Validation. Reverence. Wisdom. Power. Healing. Clarity. Purity. Grace.

Most profound and impacting is the clarity – of emotion, of passion, of vision and gifts. My intuitive and healing practice has expanded, my sexuality liberated from ancestral traumas, my relationships are gaining the high vibration clarity I’ve been seeking, and my ability to tune into the Wisdom of my Womb Woman has intensely amplified.

Without hesitancy she guided me in and allowed my being to serve as our compass. One of Naia’s most profound gifts was her consistent honoring of my own Truth, inviting my feminine wisdom and connection, my power, to breathe, speak, expand. Every moment, every movement has been potently life-changing. My entire being is deep in gratitude for this woman and her Sacred Feminine power to hold compassionate presence and space with me through the most profound transformation of my life thus far.

– Jacqueline

Your Rebirth includes…


Feminine Fulfillment Assessment

2x Boundless sessions per month with Naia, which include:
– Womb healing
– Soverignity Session (cord cutting, releasing past lovers’ energy)
– Yoni healing
– Core wound healing

Like-hearted group of women

Bi-weekly group calls and active

Facebook group

Weekly content and embodiment practices

Email support from Naia


Everything included in Level Once,

Weekly Boundless sessions with Naia

Womb Whispering with Phoenix Na Gig

Letter channeled from your Higher Self

Yoni healing gift bag

Voxer support from Naia

Optional add-on:


I look forward to connecting and transforming with you.

Apply here to schedule a time for us to connect and see if it’s meant to be.