Welcome to the work

The Boundless Woman mentorship is everything that I once needed to propel me to the next step of my evolution, concentrated into a three month support system just for you.

In this container you will know without a shadow-of-a-doubt, that you are not alone. You will know that YES it gets easier, and much more enjoyable. You will be reminded that you CAN heal, and become the juiciest most satisfied version of you. You will know that you are here to do big things and that it is safe to be powerful. We will find more clarity on your path, and create clear action steps toward your dreams.

You will have access to cutting edge, soul-level repatterning methods to overcome your greatest blocks.

You will experience a dedicated ally walking with you, through your deepest shadows.

And you will come out on the other side, embodying more of the soulful feminine leader that you are.

Boundless Woman Mentorship

What is a Boundless Woman?

To me a Boundless woman is someone who is not defined by her past, her conditioning, or by what others want or expect from her. She is ever-evolving, and expanding and unapologetically chooses to create what she most deeply desires. She does not believe in lack or limitation but rather, in her Boundless Nature and in the endless possibilities of what we are capable of as women, and a species. She is BIG, bright and free. In choosing her liberation, she sets the world free.

Who is this for?

This work is not for the faint of heart. This is for a woman that knows its time to go beyond what was laid before her and blaze new and pleasur-fully empowered trails.

It’s for women bursting with readiness to claim more for their life and for our world. It is for women ready to roll up their sleeves and do the inner work to become the embodiment of her highest feminine expression.

This is for you if…

  • You are tired of playing small or hiding your gifts.
  • You are finished with settling or self sabotaging your relationships or career.
  • You are burnt out or done trying to do everything yourself.
  • You are no longer willing to settle for a mediocre sex-life or with being with partners who do not meet you.
  • You are ready to heal your past, so you can finally create your brightest future.
  • You are ready to claim your birthright to be successfully, joyfully and passionately of service to the planet.
  • You are ready for more passion, creativity and sensuality in your life.
  • You want to know what it feels like to have a greater sense of pride, pleasure and satisfaction in being a woman.
  • You are ready to launch your voice and gifts in a bigger way.
  • You are ready to call in your King.

If this is you…

first, choose your Medicine,

No More Hiding
You are BIG. Bring your empowered voice and passionate purpose to the world, or uplevel your current evolutionary offering.

Ignite your Feminine
Get in touch with your feminine intuition, wisdom, creativity and sensuality. Learn to love your body, connect with your womb, and overcome sexual and creative blocks.

Claim your King
Heal your relationship to the masculine, repattern unhealthy attractions, and align with fully receiving your King.

Personalized Combo
This is intuitively guided combination to suite your personal process.

MENTORSHIP – What you get:

You will receive the support of a consistent container, a dedicated ally, and cutting edge healing tools. The mentorship also includes:


  • Assessment, Intentions and Goal Setting.
  • Higher Self Channeling.
  • Personalized Weekly Sessions – including Boundless methods and intuitive coaching.
  • Embodiment Practices.
  • Action Steps and Accountability to Your Goals.
  • E-mail and Voxer Support.
  • Completion Ceremony.


3 month mentorship

with weekly sessions

and email support.

6 month mentorship

with weekly sessions

and email support.

9 months mentorship

weekly sessions

email support

and a personalized

3 day retreat.

Apply here, to schedule a time for us
to connect, and see if it’s meant to be.