Clearing Collective Shame

Men and women both carry shame. Men have carried repressed shame for their manhood because of what man has done to the feminine including the earth. Collectively they have not carried out their role as the protectors of the feminine safety, wisdom and spirit, but as I mentioned before, this is not due to an instinctual flaw in the male species, it is due to the manipulation of the human race. Manhood and masculinity is a gift, and meant to serve and protect the feminine, but they are not able to do this when shame is present, for they will become either guarded and defensive due to this subconscious guilt and insecurity, or the opposite – overly passive and sensitive due to rejecting their masculinity.
As men carry suppressed shame around being a man, women carry shame simply for being women due to the conditioning that they are less worthy and that our divine sexuality is a sin. Women carry collective shame for their bodies, beauty (or not being ‘beautiful enough’- either way it’s a double edged sword), emotions and ability to access the multidimensional realms. We have carried shame specifically around the menstrual cycle and for the messiness of sex and birth, when in fact all of these things, are directly related to our feminine power, wisdom, and gifts as women. When we alchemize shame into reverence for these inherent gifts, we are then able to access the full power of them… which we all desperately need at this time.
Shame is a suppressive force that serves no positive purpose. It also is not ours, and is simply an internalizing of collective conditioning or inter-relational shaming. (Whenever I clear shame with people, we first have to get rid of other people’s energy and beliefs, many times this clears it all together). Overall there is much shame associated with our genders. Shame for our light. Shame for being big. Smart. Sexual. Feminine or masculine. And for being different than the mainstream. These are the qualities that, in reality, will set us free.
Whether or not we -consciously- subscribe to religious dogma or mainstream fear-based conditioning, we are still collectively purging the effects of thousands of years of shaming. It’s passed down from our ancestors and cellular memories of past lives, in addition to modern familial, religious and social conditioning.
More on mshame…ease shame and access our innate super powers as men and women? The first step is to look at it. Shame is a deep rejection of self that hides in the deepest closets of our consciousness. We must bring it out into the light to dissolve it, and to do the work on the subconscious levels to be aligned with embodying our truth and power. We must ‘re-parent’ ourselves and reassure our ‘younger selves’ that they are worthy and have nothing to be ashamed of… even if they were made to fee that way. We must gather with those doing the work to liberate it, and to together, collectively rewrite our social standards.
For women, do you apologize a lot? Do you dumb down your voice? Do you hide your beauty or suppress your sensuality? Do you not choose your pleasure or ask for what you want? Do you ignore or hide your intuition, psychic gifts or emotions? Do you try to hide your menstruation? Are you ashamed of your body, body functions, or body parts?
Sadly these have become the norm, and this is -not- normal. It contributes to a suppressed humanity incapable of freeing ourselves from the shackles of the patriarchy. It is time to gather with our communities and mentors and embrace those around us that have liberated these parts of ourselves. We do need one another, as we are innately driven by social acceptance (subconscious survival mechanism as well as an innate need to bond) and will only feel safe to embody these gifts when we feel we are surrounded by safe and resonant relationships and group containers. We are amazing beautiful beings with so, much much to share with the world, and the world needs us to come out of the closet and unabashedly be our bright, bold, beautiful and pleasure-filled selves.
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Healing the Witch Within

I am just coming out of session with yet another woman who was fearful of tapping into her feminine wisdom. We went deeper and asked the fear – what would happen if she followed her inner wisdom… she and burst into tears with memories of being burned at the stake, and both of us got rushes of burning tingles rising from our feet.

Far more women were tortured and burned alive, than we were told. Far more women still carry these imprints than we can imagine. It is in our ancestral inheritance and our past life memories that echo in our cells today.

This is nothing new. I work with women in England, Australia, Austria, Britain, Bali, the US, Canada… and the imprints are the same. ITS NOT SAFE TO EMBODY AND EXPRESS MY FEMININE POWER.

Many of us women carry an intense anger, commonly displaced to our daily frustrations in work or relationship.

But what are we REALLY angry at?

The suppression of FEMININE TRUTH, FREEDOM and SAFTEY. This anger is mountains high and has not had a safe and welcome place to be expressed.

True… it is safer now than it was- but the still battle lives on. We may not be being publicly burned alive anymore- but we are wrestling with these imprints in our bones, and many times face intense consequences, for embodying feminine truth in a patriarchal world. I speak from experience.

I have the fortunate gift of techniques that release these imprints, but much of the work still lies in taking actions that support our feminine wisdom to be embodied and expressed. There are so many actions we can take to connect with our highest truth-but the #1 – most important- most essential way to remember again, is to GATHER WITH OUR SISTERS. This is more important than we could possibly imagine – and sometimes harder than you would think- with busy schedules, families, and lack of places to gather. But we can always start somewhere.

(A painting I created, symbolizing the rising of the feminine from the flames)

To all the witches- healers, wise women, magic makers-
I see you. Your wisdom is needed. We are in this together. WE CREATE THE SAFETY NOW.

To all the men engaged with a woman who are remembering: please welcome her voice, wisdom and gifts. And above all, we humbly ask you to learn how to hold space for our emotions, especially anger. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. Its bigger than you, or what you did to piss us off. Its lifetimes of abuse and oppression that are resurfacing to be cleansed and released. You can help us heal by holding loving and safe space for us to feel. To hiss and spit with our sheilds up…. and then to realize that we are still held, loved and safe… that the battle is over now, and then we can crumble into a puddle of receptivity again.

It is our job to heal ourselves, although SO MUCH healing can come from one another.

Sending love, compassion and waves of healing to us all. I know its hard, but i’s working! Keep going <3 <3 <3
Much Love

5 Ways To Channel Your Anger


There is a lot going on in the world! Feeling angry? Me too.

I’m a feeler. feel a lot. I feel a lot about my life, and the world. I have had to ask myself time and again… What do I do with this anger?

Am I supposed to keep smiling? Cook dinner? Continue business as usual? But the anger feels so big! And at times I don’t feel it at all, but I know it’s there, just waiting to be expressed in a healthy way.

Today, I write about positively channeling anger, in hopes that other women will rage and write with me.

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Harness The Creative Power of Your Womb

The womb is the portal in which we transform spirit into form. This is no light matter, it is the feminine power of Creation, that lies within us. Whether we be bring the soul of a child into human form, we take a creative project from the ethers and ground it into reality, we channel healing for ourselves or others, or simply express ourselves through music, or art – it is all the same primal life-force energy that we tap into.
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Why the World Needs Your Pleasure

Even though pleasure takes many forms, we are mainly used to hearing the word pleasure in a sexual context, only spoken about in hushed voices accompanied by naughty guilt and school-girl giggles.

The truth is, pleasure is a part of who you are. It is in our innate nature to experience pleasure in its many forms, and when we are living in alignment with our soul, we experience a-llllot of pleasure.

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