“The wound is the place the light enters you” ~Rumi

The Core Wound

We all have one. A doozy. It varies from person to person, depending on individual circumstance and experience, and can be passed down from generation to generation. It shapes us, how we view ourselves, how we connect with others. It dictates how we feel in the world, and what we create in our lives. It can limit us drastically, and at the same time, can give us our greatest wisdom, passion, and gifts.

Our core wound is our shadow. Our deepest pain. It’s the limiting program that we operate from, stemmed from a traumatic experience or expeiences in our lives. It challenges our sense of worth and safety. It may be the thing we are most ashamed about, or the thing wanted to avoid dealing with at all costs.

Or, we may have done years of work on it, and yet it still shows up in our reality time and again. Life can be going amazing… and then inevitably… “it” shows up, rearing its familiar head.

It’s impact echoes throughout our lives, repeating the same wound until we fully transform it. It’s that limiting belief or pattern that’s been haunting you, perhaps since childhood. Things may look shiny on the outside- great job, nice house, good friends and partner… but in the inside, when something triggers it, you revert to feeling like you did at the inception of that wound.

When we are young, we are free, trusting, creative, and unconditionally loving. Inevitably, in a mad world, something happens to hurt us and shut this freedom down. We feel that maybe we may not as loved or as safe as we thought, and we may actually be better off not being happy, shining our light, sharing our love, or believing in our dreams. It may have been a traumatic betrayal, abandonment, abuse, neglect, rejection, or failure. It may have been a challenging home life, parent(s) that didn’t know how to give you what you needed, that left, or didn’t protect you. It may have been ongoing, or acute trauma.

You may create wonderful things in your life, but somehow always relive certain emotions such as feeling anxious, unworthy, unlovable, ashamed, or flawed. You may self doubt, self-criticize, self sabotage, or feel like a victim. You may feel unsafe or untrusting, or unlovable, or even stupid. You may numb-out, disconnect, or or feel like a failure. You may strive for perfection, acceptance, or validation. You may repeat the same unhealthy patterns in relationships or have intense triggers such as grief or anger. You may be an avoidant, or anxious attachment style.

Whatever it is, you know its not who you are, and you long to be free of it so you can go on with your life.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

The great news is, as humanity is evolving in consciousness, so are our methods of healing. We are seeing more and more modalities that can create powerful change in a more direct, effective and immediate ways. We no longer have to go to years and years of therapy, dishing out thousands of dollars processing and reliving our childhoods. We do not have to spend the rest of our lives believing we are not capable, worthy, or good enough to have what we deeply desire, or sabotaging it due to a old and false narrative.

Our greatest wound becomes our greatest power when we are willing to face it.

Methods in the field of transpersonal and energy-psychology, such as Boundless are able to access the subconscious and energetic core root of these traumas, blocks, and limiting beliefs, and are able to transform them with far greater ease and efficiency, saving lots of time, future pain, and money.

These methods support us to embody more of who we are, and to finally reclaim creative control over our lives. When we stop giving our energy to these limiting beliefs, and instead direct it toward that which we chose to create… magic can happen. We can reap the beauty and the lessons from what we experienced. We can heal, forgive, and empower ourselves to write a new story…

that will inevitably touch the lives of many others.