The womb is the portal in which we transform spirit into form. This is no light matter, it is the feminine power of Creation, that lies within us. Whether we be bring the soul of a child into human form, we take a creative project from the ethers and ground it into reality, we channel healing for ourselves or others, or simply express ourselves through music, or art – it is all the same primal life-force energy that we tap into.

This feminine fire is the living power of the Goddess. This is boundless and creative possibility that lies within us at each moment. This is what we were not taught about in school. This is what we were taught to deny. And this is what we yearn for, deep down more than anything – the free expression of our soul.

We are living in a global patriarchal culture, where women all over the world are taught to stifle their intuition, creativity, sensuality and emotion, and instead give their power to the conditioned mind. Women all over the world are obeying the cultural norms that have us overworking, over-giving, and questioning ourselves and our desires, and ultimately creating disease in the body. Women have chosen obligation over inspiration, and appropriateness over our authentic expression. We have behaved from our thoughts, rather than embodied intuition, and have been focused on our faults, rather than our divine beauty and power as women.

Women are walking around not knowing that they are Queens, and that this world is their Queendom.

When a woman is stressed, overworking, she’s in her mind, and people pleasing, she has lost her soulfire.

What will create the world we wish to see, is women acting from their wombs, and not their heads.

Create a relationship with your womb. See her as a precious yet powerful being full of mystery, wisdom, pleasure, creation and purpose. Our wombs not only carry our greatest power, but they also carry our greatest pain. The pain of being shut down. Of being taught that our wombs are just organs that provide a monthly burden. The pain of working a job rather than creating from our womb. The pain of not being honored in a sacred and sexual way. When we face, love, and alchemize this pain, we are greeted with more of who we are, and more of what we are meant to offer the world.

Protect the flame of your feminine. This flame is powerful yet delicate. It can be extinguished with a soft breeze or too many raindrops. She needs the right conditions to come into her full potential as the blazing inferno that will transmute the dis-harmony on the planet today. Listen to what your soul-fire needs to blaze again, and fearlessly create that. Nourish it with the fuel that makes it blaze, and become aware of what makes it go out. Listen to what she has to say. Move the way she wants to move. And create the space for her to express herself.

We are powerful, and we are guided by the same force that connects all of us. When we bow to an inner authority rather than any outer authority, we stop playing small. We speak our truth. We create things that benefit the world. Then – we have a-llloooot more fun. We choose our soul’s expression above else and realize that it is our greatest gift to us, our family and friends, to our communities, and our planet.