Even though pleasure takes many forms, we are mainly used to hearing the word pleasure in a sexual context, only spoken about in hushed voices accompanied by naughty guilt and school-girl giggles.

The truth is, pleasure is a part of who you are. It is in our innate nature to experience pleasure in its many forms, and when we are living in alignment with our soul, we experience a-llllot of pleasure.

Our pleasure is our gift to others. When we are lit up, it lights others up as well.

Have you ever been smiled at by a woman in her pleasure? It’s powerful and infectious. We affect everyone around us no matter what, and we might as well do it in a positive way.

Our purpose is to be in our joy and pleasure, and this is what the world needs most. So… your pleasure isn’t just important, It’s needed and should be valued as such. By women doing we love and what gives us joy, we stop giving our energy to the things that do not resonate with us. As a result, our relationships change, our jobs change, our communities change, and the world changes. Women spend more time creating beauty in the world, dancing, planting gardens and nourishing others. We love more and fight less. We stop working for corrupt companies that destroy the planet and instead create the evolutionary things that make it better.

Your pleasure is more important than others rules or expectations of you.

The truth is… truth feels good. We believe and live our truth, we feel good. And when we believe limiting beliefs and we limit ourselves it feels crappy! It doesn’t feel good when we are believing things that aren’t true. When we believe common beliefs like, “I’m not worthy
of pleasure or having what I really want, I won’t be accepted for being my full self, pleasure is a sin, my happiness takes away from others, others will be jealous if I am happy, shining, or in my pleasure, pleasure is unsafe, Other will disapprove of me, etc. These beliefs feel bad to us because they are NOT TRUE! They may have been at one time… perhaps when we were around people who didn’t have the ability support our greatest good- for some reason or another. But in adulthood, we have a choice as to who we surround ourselves with,
and these beliefs only become true when a part of us still (consciously or subconsciously) believes them, and as a result we choose to be around people who prove that right. For example: If I have a subconscious belief that “Others can’t handle my pleasure”, then I will
choose people that can’t handle my pleasure. Many times we simply adopt these beliefs because our parents were that way, or our religious or school systems were that way, or it is a common cultural belief.

Our world is what we create it to be.

Our Soul knows that we are worthy of divine pleasure and fulfillment and we are perfectly capable of creating lives in which it is supported by our friends, lifestyle, and work. And when you believe this – it feels good! And you create a life that feels even better. This takes time, but choice by choice we can create a juicier life and a juicier world for all of us. When we do this, we give every woman around us a permission slip that says – ‘it’s safe to come out now’.

The truth is – you deserve pleasure. Not only does it feel good but our joy, passion and pleasure is our soul’s way of guiding our highest path. Our pleasures are our guideposts to our best life. Now, I’m not talking about addictions or unhealthy pleasure’s. I’m talking about the things that make your soul soar, and that help you to remember who you are. This could be being in Nature, creating, dancing, traveling or being with girlfriends. It can be small things that feel good, like your favorite music, taking a bath or, savoring your favorite food. They can be ordinary moments where you stop and soak up the simple pleasure of the wind in the trees, the sun on your skin, a nap, or an appreciative thought. Or it can be a major life change, such as quitting a job you dislike and doing something that you love instead, or taking a leap in a new relationship.

Pleasure can be deepened in any experience with just a little presence and intention. You can add something juicy to your morning ritual like candles or a self massage, or deepen into a passionate kiss with your lover- when you would usually just give a peck goodbye. You can take your lunch break in your favorite fancy restaurant and read your favorite book, or decide to create more time for your favorite creative project. You can also do your best
find the gift or pleasure in whatever challenge or pain you are experiencing.

Collectively, we are transcending programs of lack, unworthiness, and limitation and choosing to step into love, abundance, and truth. We may have been taught to put our pleasures, inspirations and intuitions on the back burner but now we are teaching others that our pleasure is important. It is up to us to create a pleasure-filled life, no one will do it for us.

I grew up in the midwest where it was unheard of to get a massage. It felt indulgent and like a waste of money. Today? I get nothing less than 2 hour massages. Why? Because it is nourishing to my body and soul and I am worthy of it. And when I am nourished I have more energy and inspiration to give, and when I give it, it is from my essence. Everybody wins.

I also like to dress up and adorn myself when I’m alone. I dance around the house, moving my hips and body in the most pleasure-filled ways. I order healthy desserts when we go out for a nice meal. A part of my business is practicing self care so I can show up at my best for my clients and I experience pleasure in doing what I love for a living. I paint because it feels good. And I communicate what I want in bed, because I am worthy of honor and pleasure, and so are you.

Surround yourself with people who support your joy, passion, and nourishment. Know your desires are valid. Know you are worthy of having them, and they are there for a reason! Your pleasure will guide you to a satisfied lie in which you will be most of service to the world. Will you trigger others? Will you lose people who don’t support your highest good? Will you have to take risks? Will you have to put effort in and transcend old patterns? Most likely, but it’s worth it. Each choice that creates more pleasure creates a more fulfilled and juicy life. But wait! Is it realy realistic to be in pleasure 24/7? No way… (giggle) …we live on Earth and we are in human bodies! But that doesn’t mean we can’t live a pleasur-fully, passionate
and fulfilled life that makes the challenges much sweeter and easier to handle.

When we are in a state of joy, passion, pleasure or fulfillment we raise the frequency of the planet. We pass on new codes to not only those around us, but our future generations. We no longer choose to pass down suppressive and limiting beliefs to our children and children’s children.

We create a better, more beautiful and enjoyable world.

What soulful pleasure have been put on your back burner, and what soulful pleasures will you choose to experience today?