Own Your Feminine

Soul, Sex, and Leadership.

 12 Weeks. 12 Women.

Embody your original essence as WOMAN.

The days of hiding and self-sacrifice are over.

 This is your invitation to reclaim your divine connection with your innate feminine power.

Who is the ShamelessWoman?

She lives from her heart and knows she is a catalyst for  positive change in the world.

She has broken the patriarchal spell and now embraces her connection to her own feminine Nature.

She values her sexuality, self care, intuition, and creativity.

She knows that what she has to share is important, harnesses her creative abilities, and unapologetically shares her gifts with those around her.

She takes up her space, lives by her own rules, and prioritizes her mission.

She is a force for love, empowerment and greater awakening in the world.

She fully embraces her birthright to receive love, pleasure and abundance in her life.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It’s for women bursting with readiness to claim more for their life, and for our world.

It is for women ready to roll up their sleeves and do the inner work to become their most vibrant and fulfilled version of themselves.

This is for a woman ready to take a


in order to fly.

This is for you if you are a spiritual woman who…

  • Knows you have a big purpose.
  • Feels alone or unsupported.
  • Experiences self judgement, self doubt or question your intuition.
  • Tends to give to everyone else more than yourself, or struggle with healthy boundaries.
  • Overworks herself or works in a job she dislikes.
  • Seeks deepening in her unique purpose.
  • Feels ready to leave behind codependent  relationship patterns, or has an unfulfilling sex life.
  • Grew-up religious or in a conservative family.


To shed patriarchal programming, heal past wounding and lineage suppression.

To be supported, seen and witnessed in their journey of empowered reclamation.

To come home to your body and self love like never before.

To hear your intuition clearly, speak their truth confidently.
And to create purposeful and pleasure-filled life.

Have more passion, creativity and sensuality in your life?

Know what it feels like to have a greater sense of pride, pleasure and satisfaction in being a woman?


“I began a one-on-one mentorship with Naia, when I was in the darkest days of my life. I had completely lost the flame of joy and peace and I was in the Underworld of grief, loss, shame and self-blame. I didn’t know how to get out of this living hell, and firstly I didn’t even understand how I got there. Naia met me in my pain, not only through listening to my story, but by channeling relevant and intimate knowledge of my life path in the way that she uniquely does, with her Boundless process. She helped me voice the pain and anger in my womb which was a truth I had not yet faced in a held, sacred space. Then, she helped me literally unhook from the pain, hook by hook.

It was a deep and powerful process that I can absolutely say was life-changing and so desperately needed. For your deepest needs and wants, and a path from darkness to light, I absolutely recommend Naia.”

– Jena La Flamme

Massive and lasting changes that I never thought possible…

In just three months of working with Naia, massive and lasting changes that I never thought possible in myself have happened. Some things I have struggled with for life have been cleared in a single session – and the work continues to deepen.

Naia and her work is magical and life-changing and I want everyone to know about you. I highly, highly recommend working with Naia for anything and everything.

– Lori

Every movement has been potently life-changing…

I’m a changed woman after just a short time working with Naia. The ancestral and other binding energetic patterns Naia identified and cleared from my field and body brought a deeper, more purified connection to my soul and feminine Presence. My ability to see with clarity, to stand full in the power of who I am as Woman has expanded, strengthened. Ways I engage have shifted even more potently into dialogue with my soul rather than old programs and wounding circulating through my subconscious and impacting my wisdom and vision.

After spending most of my life mothering others, it feels incredible to stand in Jacqueline. Naia held space and offered her beautifully strong and gentle grace as witness to my unfolding. Her gift is to honor a woman where she is, calling forth her innermost essence. Validation. Reverence. Wisdom. Power. Healing. Clarity. Purity. Grace.

Most profound and impacting is the clarity – of emotion, of passion, of vision and gifts. My intuitive and healing practice has expanded, my sexuality liberated from ancestral traumas, my relationships are gaining the high vibration clarity I’ve been seeking, and my ability to tune into the Wisdom of my Womb Woman has intensely amplified. Without hesitancy she guided me in and allowed my being to serve as our compass. One of Naia’s most profound gifts was her consistent honoring of my own Truth, inviting my feminine wisdom and connection, my power, to breathe, speak, expand. Every moment, every movement has been potently life-changing. My entire being is deep in gratitude for this woman and her Sacred Feminine power to hold compassionate presence and space with me through the most profound transformation of my life thus far.

– Jacqueline

12 Week Journey


3 months of  Group Training Video Calls with Naia, including training, guided experiences, Q&A and individual laser coaching.

A supportive and interactive group of like-hearted women.

Weekly content and practices to ignite and deepen your truest embodiment.

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Together we release shame

and reclaim the 12 keys of soulful feminine leadership:

Pride in Womanhood

Emotions as fuel

Magic and Healing Gifts

Beauty and Sensuality

Feminine Spirituality

Creatresses at the Core

Intuition and Body Wisdom

Owning Desires,
Needs and Boundaries

Empowered and Sacred Sexuality

Soul-full Service, Leadership

Sisterhood – Together we Rise

Building the Queendom

About Naia

Naia is devoted to the New Feminine Leadership Revolution and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. One of the ways she supports women leaders is through her core healing method, Boundless.

Naia is the creator and teacher of Boundless Method, a cutting edge modality in the field of transpersonal and energy psychology. Boundless Method quickly and efficiently locates and clears the core root causes of blockages stored in the body and energy body. She has worked with women in over 14 countries to liberate them from the shackles of their past, and has certified practitioners and therapists in 4 countries and counting.

She works with select clients, facilitates in-person one-on-one healing ceremonies, facilitates women’s initiation group programs, and offers annual Boundless Method certification training.

She came to this work through her own healing journey which equipped her with a fierce determination to find the most efficient healing tools for today’s pioneers to become fully aligned with their highest path. This journey led her to study NLP, hypnosis, channeling, and past life regression at the early age of 21. Then she became a certified therapeutic life coach and began working with clients 15 years ago. This led her to seek out more of the top methods of healing and continued her studies, and developed her own method 7 years ago. She works with men and women, but has a strong emphasis on womb healing and sexual healing, and assisting women to fully embody their power and heal generations of their female inheritance.

Your Shameless Path includes…


Weekly group activation calls with:

Ceremony, Healings, training, guest speakers, group shares, laser coaching, and more.

Boundless Session with Naia

Interactive Facebook group

Weekly integration and embodiment practices

Email support from Naia

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Everything included in Level One,

5 Boundless sessions with Naia which include:

– Womb and yoni healing
– Sovereignty Session (cord cutting, releasing co-dependency)
– Core wound healing

Higher Self Channeling session

Voxer support from Naia

Optional add-on:


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Gold serpent

I look forward to connecting and transforming with you.

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