5 Ways To Channel Your Anger


There is a lot going on in the world! Feeling angry? Me too.

I’m a feeler. feel a lot. I feel a lot about my life, and the world. I have had to ask myself time and again… What do I do with this anger?

Am I supposed to keep smiling? Cook dinner? Continue business as usual? But the anger feels so big! And at times I don’t feel it at all, but I know it’s there, just waiting to be expressed in a healthy way.

Today, I write about positively channeling anger, in hopes that other women will rage and write with me.

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Harness The Creative Power of Your Womb

The womb is the portal in which we transform spirit into form. This is no light matter, it is the feminine power of Creation, that lies within us. Whether we be bring the soul of a child into human form, we take a creative project from the ethers and ground it into reality, we channel healing for ourselves or others, or simply express ourselves through music, or art – it is all the same primal life-force energy that we tap into.
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Why the World Needs Your Pleasure

Even though pleasure takes many forms, we are mainly used to hearing the word pleasure in a sexual context, only spoken about in hushed voices accompanied by naughty guilt and school-girl giggles.

The truth is, pleasure is a part of who you are. It is in our innate nature to experience pleasure in its many forms, and when we are living in alignment with our soul, we experience a-llllot of pleasure.

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