Every woman has something that ignites her… a deep feminine fire. For some it burns so subtly, you might not know what it is. For others, it rages inside, and is dying to be shared. Together, we will stoke that fire so the world is ignited by what you are here to give.

There is something big happening, that YOU are a part of. Women are rising up and claiming more for our lives and our planet. We know now that the time for playing small is over, as women are claiming their Queendoms all over the world.

I help women to find a deeper feminine embodiment, and to own the next level of their soulful service to the world
because I believe that…

If every woman stepped into her feminine power,
All of our global issues would be solved.

Soulful feminine leadership is where our greatest individual and planetary fulfillment lies.


The Feminine essence is abundant, creative, sacred, and sensual.

It is connected to all of life, and has deep Soul-guided wisdom, love, passion that longs to be expressed. These gifts are the ones that have gone undervalued and even suppressed, and yet, are the keys to unlocking a new, peaceful and thriving planet.

At this time in history, embodying your feminine power inherently becomes evolutionary leadership. Together we are changing the game by leading the way with our feminine gifts and wisdom. When we come together, we become an unstoppable feminine force.

This revolution does not arrive through a single thought leader, guru, activist or politician. This is a mass awakening and collective co-creation. Soulful feminine leadership, does not only take place on stages, in books or in politics, but it is also needed to revolutionize our workplaces, communities, and our relationships, our minds and our bodies.